{healthcarestudies-bachelor-bachelor:singular} di Turki

Terbaik {healthcarestudies-bachelor-bachelor:plural} di Turki 2017


Turki, secara rasmi Republik Turki, adalah sebuah negara benua, yang terletak kebanyakannya di Anatolia di Asia Barat dan di Timur Thrace di Tenggara Eropah. Banyak universiti Turki (awam dan swasta) mengambil bahagian dalam program-program pan-Eropah pertukaran pelajar (Socrates, Erasmus, dan sebagainya). Ada juga yang mempunyai perjanjian dengan universiti bukan Eropah, terlalu.

{healthcarestudies-bachelor-bachelor:plural} di Turki

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Faculty of Medicine

Okan University
Campus Sepenuh masa September 2017 Turki İstanbul

<strong>Okan University, Faculty of Medicine</strong> is proud to provide enhanced medical education in its Tuzla Campus based in Istanbul, Turkey. [+]

Terbaik {healthcarestudies-bachelor-bachelor:plural} di Turki 2017. Okan University, Faculty of Medicine is proud to provide enhanced medical education in its Tuzla Campus based in Istanbul, Turkey. Led by highly qualified academic team with highest standards and experience, our students receive medical training which will lead them to become medical doctors equipped with the knowledge and skills that are required to satisfy the needs of the modern medical world of the 21. Century. Furthermore, our faculty members are leaders in their respective fields yet they all are devoted to training the next generation of medical professionals, combining research and teaching with improving human health; Okan faculty members are dedicated to the future of medical sector. Following international and European Union medical standards, our medical education is held in English language and composed of three phases: Basic and Clinical Sciences Phase (Students are furnished with basic medical knowledge that includes anatomy, training on elementary units such as cells and complex biological systems, etc); Clinical Fellowcraft Phase (the medical candidates are now exposed to different clinical departments and real patients) and Internship Phase (where our last grade students are practicing medicine under close supervision of their professors and getting ready for the real life). After completing 5500 hours of training and practice, our students receive their diploma as Medical Doctors. They have the opportunity pursue their career by getting specialization under a specific medical field and become specialized in one of the many fields such as Cardiology, General surgery, Radiology, Internal medicine, Orthopedics, etc. We would like to welcome you as a Medical Doctor candidate here at Okan University. Please contact with our International Office for application terms and conditions. [-]